Your mission should you choose to accept it... 

Is to marry spirit and business in a way that brings ease, prosperity and impact to you and those that you serve!

There is no work, only reward, when you are walking your true path of purpose.
Paula Robbins

"The Prosperity Academy courses are a treasure of resources for the entrepreneur, whether it's your first venture or fifth. There are a variety of avenues to get yourself out there, and Paula defines each one concisely, and with numerous references to help you recognize which resonates with your purpose and path. The lessons will take you step by step in your evolution from building a strong foundation to prosperity.""

Angela Ewari
Founder, Wellness Masterminds

"I love what you have created. You are amazing and so many people will be lucky to work with you. I wish I would have had this when I first decided to start my business. "

Connector Carol Papini
Intuitive Wellness Mentor & Spiritual Adventurer



Twice a month, we come together live via Zoom for an "M & M Call". We discuss a topic related to motivation, manifesting, mojo, momentum, marketing and many other "M's"!

There will also be a monthly intuitive coaching session, expert interviews, member feature interviews and other connections to keep you progressing and inspired!

All calls are recorded and made available for  when you need some inspiration! 


Whether you are just starting or have been at this for awhile, the 12 lessons in all THREE of the business building courses will help you really see how easy it is to create a new business, build and stabilize your existing offering or truly ascend and level up your message to be carried further and wider!

The courses cover a LOT of topics relevant to your consciousness mindset and offering. There are lessons from confidence in your INner Knowing, to time management, to the pure nuts and bolts of owning a business. 


When it comes to consciousness, there is nothing more valuable than being a part of a greater unified collective! Add, that the souls that walk together here are some of the coolest people on the planet and your circle just got SO much stronger!

We share who we are and what we offer, where we need support (or maybe accountability), and where we have wisdom or insight to contribute. The synergy here is so very valuable, you are sure to build some bonds and connections that will last a lifetime.

Tune IN!

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