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The "ConsciousPreneur Start It Up" Course is currently available and the "Clean Up And Grow" course is coming soon! If you purchase the course, you are automatically enrolled into the membership for 3 FREE MONTHS! 

As a member, you have access to:

  • Our live weekly M & M calls where we connect at the heart, learn, share and grow and we end with a guided meditation every week. It's an amazing way to start the week! They are also recorded so you can watch or listen later. 
  • We'll have a Laser Intuitive Coaching call each Month in which 3-4 members will be on a call to receive "guidance" on what to laser in on or what to back off from in growing their business!
  • Expert interviews
  • Member interviews that are shared with my public following to support your reach!
  • Community connection in our FB Group
  • Access to the coaching courses that are designed to strengthen your intuition AND your business!
  • AND each new member is granted a one on one 15-30 minute Intuitive Coaching Session privately.

With 28 years of career and business coaching behind me, I created two very full and informative courses that help you grow and run your business with intuition, heart and soul. The courses meet you where YOU are in your journey as an entrepreneur and there are many more coming! The two available courses are "Start It Up" and "Clean up and Grow". The first is for those that are just starting their entrepreneurial walk in a consciousness offering and the second is for those that know they have a few things to get in order to build and grow their business. 


  • I'll be adding bonus lessons to the existing courses  on residual income ideas, how mindset and consciousness can be applied to every aspect, especially marketing and sales and how to balance business and spirit.
  • I'm creating a course on how to Level UP your Conscious business with the book, speaking, membership, course creation! 
  • I'm excited about all that I am learning in the online digital business space and I can't wait to share it once I've really learned how to make it impactful. 

"I cannot rave enough about Paula! There's something so magical about her and her approach. Her demeanor alone makes me feel relaxed, safe and inspired. My life has changed dramatically with our work. She gave me suggestions and homework - which I did 100%. I have since created the abundance I so desperately needed. "

Kara Duepre
Maxie Luxe Website Design

Consciousness and Business CAN live in Marital Bliss!

If you've wanted to start or grow a business that serves the greater good and you have struggled with what path to take to really be sure you will be sustained, OR you've started the path, but you are resisting certain aspects because you struggle with the lack of resonance, then look no further! To start your business, I have all the basics easily laid out. To GROW your business, I've shined some Light (capital L) to help you do this consciously, with love and with confidence that your spirit is in check!

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