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Nicci Williams-Berry, Member ~

"Do the work..."


"The Prosperity Academy courses are a treasure of resources for the entrepreneur, whether it's your first venture or fifth. There are a variety of avenues to get yourself out there, and Paula defines each one concisely, and with numerous references to help you recognize which resonates with your purpose and path. The lessons will take you step by step in your evolution from building a strong foundation to prosperity.""

Angela Ewari
Founder, Wellness Masterminds ~ Author, Wellness Investment Plan

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As a member, you have access to:

  • Our live M & M calls (1st and 3rd Mondays) where we connect at the heart, learn, share and grow and we end with a guided meditation. They are also recorded so you can watch or listen later. 
  • We'll gather for a live Intuitive Coaching call each Month in which 3-4 members will be on a call to receive "guidance" on what to laser in on or what to back off from in growing their business!
  • Expert interviews
  • Member interviews that are shared with my public following to support your reach!
  • Community connection in our FB Group
  • Access to the THREE coaching courses that are designed to strengthen your intuition AND your business!
  • AND each new member is granted a free one-on-one 15-30 minute Intuitive Coaching Session privately.

With 28 years of career and business coaching behind me, I created three very informative and instructional courses that help you build, grow or really level up your business with intuition, heart and soul. The courses meet you where YOU are in your journey as an entrepreneur. It is a full library that you can draw from in any area that you need support with. Add in the direct support with the live calls and you are guided every step of the way to really unite with other ConsciousPreneurs and to carry your message with clarity and confidence.

Bonus lessons are added to the existing courses as there is need and inspiration. One of the courses coming summer of 2020 is how to promote, market and sell your offering from a place of ease, consciousness and resonance to the way your soul is a light in the world. 

And while there is already a great lesson in the Ascension Course, I'm really looking forward to creating a more robust course later this year on how to really build residual income with a digital offering. There are so many ways to really make an impact and have an amazing reach! 

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