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Emotional Release Specialists Program - PR - 12 hours

Cellular Release Therapy™ is one of the most effective healing techniques available today and there are only a few practitioners that are certified in this modality. It is based on the fact that most of our experiences and memories are held at the cellular level and create affects that we are not always conscious of. When you release at the cellular level through a subconscious connection, you have gone to a much deeper level of clearing and that is where a true shift can come. The use of this work is quite vast. To name a few of the uses:

  • Enables you to release the effects (both at a conscious and subconscious level) of emotionally charged experiences such as trauma or grief
  • Clear blocks around weight loss, relationship patterns, performance, prosperity and much more…
  • Emotional clearing around physical conditions to support recovery and healing
  • Release fears and belief systems that are negatively affecting you
  • Clear negative self talk and inner thoughts that hold you back from reaching goals
  • Clear habits and patterns that are aspects of many of the issues that affect our lives.

This work is done while the client is in a relaxed trance state and is a technique that deals directly with the subconscious mind through ideo-motor signals. The client does not need to speak during this type of work as the subconscious is doing all of the communicating through the use of a hand signals.